30 September 2008

Watch me

With deep thanks to the Hesitant Adventurer, who sent me some lovely ideas for a piece of erotica he wrote and now I'll add to a bit.
Apparently the twin thoughts of mine regarding Lucivar- his licking the corners of my mouth, and my desire to end his 2 year blowjob deficit- got wrapped together in his head and gave him some lovely, naughty ideas.
First, his intro to it:
Hesitant Adventurer:the lapping at the corners of the mouth seeking to be fed from Dominant's mouth is sublime, your discussion of it created such a perfect picture, and spawns the feelins of exhiliration in the exchange
Hesitant Adventurer: how compelling Lucivar lapping at the corners of your mouth was leapt off your blog
Hesitant Adventurer: at the same time, your wanting Lucivar's 2 year blow job drought to end ... and to be its conclusion yourself are strong thoughts that you expressed
Hesitant Adventurer: so the imagery that somehow crept into my brain yesterday morning combined these two events ...

Thank you, sweetheart. Seriously. This was an awesome way to start my day... although it's wreaked havoc on my ability to focus on Jainism in World Religions today- or public opinion polls in Government, or well, anything else.

"Watch Me"

She bends over him, a pleased, predatory smile curving her lips but tenderness in her eyes. The dichotomy makes him shiver beneath her, eager but a little nervous, and he expresses that the best way he knows how. His tongue darts out, brushing the corners of her mouth and making her sigh a little in pleasure.
Her wolfpup, with his wide eyes and slightly trembling mouth: he is beautiful to her right now, reverse-hogtied with his limbs stretched tight beneath him. It's not too uncomfortable yet, but she knows that eventually he will whimper and twist as the muscles tire and fall slowly asleep. She wants this discomfort. Not active pain- no, not today. Just enough discomfort to distract him from the pleasure she intends. The quiet reminder that this is for her despite any pleasure he may feel.
She leans into him, her breasts gently brushing his chest and takes his lip between her sharp teeth, closing slowly and telling him without words that for this moment, he belongs to her. That she will protect him, feed him, and that she will take the obedience he offers to her with every lap of his tongue.
Slowly, so slowly, her lips, her tongue, her teeth travel down his body. Teeth closing on his throat, a primal gesture of taking. Tongue stroking the hollow of his throat, making him gasp and arch a little. She smiles, knowing how much that arching will hurt eventually, and kisses down his chest with terrible gentleness. A detour is necessary there: worrying at his nipples with playful savagery, resembling for a moment a young wolf herself as she smiles around his small sounds of pain and pleasure. Her teeth scrape over his pierced nipples, canines closing on the rings and tugging like a puppy with a new toy while he whimpers beneath her. Abruptly, she rears up and back, eyes alight with dark desires as she eyes his exposed belly with something close to hunger. His eyes are wide and pleading, both fearing and craving that hunger, and he tenses instinctively as she drops back onto him, mouth latching onto the skin of his belly, eyes locked to his as he strains upward to see her. Her teeth scrape his skin, and she groans softly with the need to bite down, bite into him, and the vibrations of that groan travel through his body, arrowing straight to his groin. She laughs a little against him, distracted from the need to tear him open by her amusement at his response to that need.

Slowly, so slowly, she drags her mouth down his stomach to his groin, smiling a little at his obvious desire. Catlike, she rubs her cheek against him, smiling at the little sound he makes at this first contact, scent-marking his cock and claiming it as hers for this moment. He isn't hers, not forever, but right this moment she owns everything that he is and she revels in it. He writhes and whimpers a little beneath her and she smiles, blowing a single teasing breath over his taut skin.
His eyes close in something like ecstasy, something like misery, and as soon as they do, she pounces, sucking the head of him into her warm, wet mouth and he arches up, gasping at the sudden, unexpected sensation and she smiles around him. Her tongue strokes the head of him slowly, finding that little ridge that is so sweetly sensitive, smiling when his soft moan tells her she's found it, then running her teeth over it lightly. Not enough to hurt, not this time. Only enough to remind him how very sharp her teeth are as she holds this most intimate piece of him between them. His eyes shut tightly again as her fingers find his balls, squeezing just a little, just this side of pain as her mouth slowly works its way down her shaft. Her mouth is watering with her own desire for this, her body clenching tightly with its own desire to take all of him in, but she moves slowly, painfully slowly, making him whimper with every inch that disappears into her tightly wrapped lips and hot mouth. When her lips kiss his groin, an eternity later, she looks up at him.
Her eyes are filled with the heat that this most intimate, most vulnerable of encounters brings to her. She loves this. Loves the way he is so open to her, loves the silk-over-steel feeling of the cock against her tongue, the velvety texture of his inner thighs, the rubbery sensation of his balls against her chin. She loves this.
She drags her mouth back up his cock, teeth scraping this time, hard enough to force his eyes open widely and bring them to hers with a taut, desperate look. She smiles as she tongues the head of his cock. "Watch me, boy."
He does. He can't look away now, can't avert his desperately needing eyes, and she pulls off of him to a high-pitched whimper. "Watch me, boy," she repeats, licking at the head of him and drawing another high-pitched sound from the back of his throat. She doesn't bother to wait for a response, there is no need for one and she knows he couldn't manage coherency now anyway. Instead, she sucks him back into her mouth, sucking so hard her cheeks hollow, eyes locked to his as she slowly draws him back inside of her, watching his face soften and change and smiling inside.
This. This is what she loves.
She works him now, fingers stroking his balls, tongue, lips, and teeth playing his cock while he groans and writhes beneath her. The pleasure of her mouth and the pain of the position. His arms are getting sore, those shooting pains that are harmless but so painful, and she's sure his legs are falling asleep by now. She loves the way the pleasure and the pain mix in his head. She is debating in her mind: to draw this out or let him cum? She wants to taste him, wants to feel him convulse inside of her, but she loves this growing tension and pain inside of him, loves drawing it out and watching his responses.
His desperate need as he watches decides her. He has been so good for her, and she wants this.
Her pace speeds, her fingers tightening around him, free hand digging nails into his thigh. He will have small, blood-filled crescent moons there from her nails later, but right now all she notices is the taste of him, the feel of him in her mouth, and the excruciating control it takes not to fist her hand around his balls and crush them in her hand. Not this time. The next, perhaps. Not this time. But Goddess, she wants to. She wants to bite down on him, wants to hurt him while she's bringing him this pleasure, and she growls low in her throat as she sucks him. He no longer exists for her, only a piece of meat to play with, an outlet for her oral fixation, a lovely toy her her to play with. She doesn't bother looking up at him now, and never sees his shudder at her primal growl.
Far too soon, she feels his balls contract against her hand, feels the orgasm building. He's already received permission, and her mouth tingles a little in anticipation, nails tightening in his skin. She knows it will be soon, as she feels his body tensing, flexing, fighting the bonds with a desire to grab her head and force her. She knows that soon he'll beg, though. He's received permission, but he knows she loves it, loves it when he begs her, loves it when his voice cracks and breaks as he pleads- and he knows that she can slow down at any moment, leave him hanging on the edge if she chooses, if his cracked and broken pleadings don't please her.
And part of her wants that, almost more than it wants to taste him. Wants to leave him begging, whimpering, and just laugh.
And she will. But not this time. Not yet.
His voice almsot startles her, so focused is she on the cock between her lips, her teeth. It is low, rough with need, and it tightens things low in her body, briefly distracting her with the realization of just how how wet she is. She gives a small moan of pleasure around him at the sound of his voice, at this rough, pleading words. She can't tell what it is he's saying, and neither knows nor cares if it's because of the his lack of coherency or the blood rushing in her ears. All she can hear is the low murmuring of his voice, the need in every syllable, and she tightens her mouth around him.

That tightening is all it takes, and she feels him convulse, low groans ripped from his throat by the strength of the orgasm as his cock pulsates in her mouth. She moans around him, knowing he can't hear but uncaring, needing to express her own pleasure, her own tightening cunt as she takes his salt into her mouth, rolling the taste along her tongue. It's not normally one she enjoys, but today, oh today she holds it there, savors the egg-white consistency of it, the salty-musky flavor.
She holds it there while she draws her body slowly up his, brushing skin against skin with every inch, smiling as his body relaxes in the afterglow, until she is poised above him, face inches from his, eyes still darkly intense. His gaze focuses, sharpens as he realizes that she isn't finished, that she still has plans for him, and his body relaxes in submission, in acceptance of what she wants. It makes her want to smile, but to open her mouth would cause her to lose her precious load of his desire, so she settles for a low sound of pleasure, knowing he will understand its cause. He leans up, presses into her, despite the growing soreness in his neck, despite the stiffness and pain in his limbs, and laps gently at the corners of her mouth. She sighs again in utter pleasure.

It is a gesture of submission, of gratitude, but she takes its oldest meaning today, and opens his mouth gently with her fingers. There is tenderness in her eyes, in her touch, now, pleasure in his prompt obedience as he realizes her intention, realizes what she carries in her mouth. He shivers, and his lips part eagerly, eager to taste her, taste himself mixed with her. Now she does smile as that shiver reverberates in her cunt, the warm, thick cum dropping from her smile to his parted lips, sealed as she leans in and kisses him, giving him this taste of the both of them. Her lips seal to his, and her hand settles slowly at his throat, feeling this pulse as he swallows the mixture of the two of them.

And she draws back with a smile, and a last, lingering kiss.


  1. wow. your details are so delicious.

    promise to manufacture similarly sizzling erotica from any other pervie ideas that wake me up?

  2. Wow, I really can't even comment on this right now. I actually a little shakey. That surely is the hottest thing that anyone has ever written with me in mind. I'll come back later with what will hopefully be a bit more coherence and comment again. You really are awesome Bella.


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