25 September 2008

For Lucivar

The quote I told you about, from The Magic and the Healing by Nick O'Donohoe:

"New-spilled blood is liquid jewelry, ruby incarnidine."

I want to spill yours. I want it to run over my fingers while I smear it across your skin like a child with fingerpaints. I want to wear it like liquid jewelry.

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  1. Beautiful Bella, what a wonderful surprise in my life you have turned out to be. It's hard for me to write or talk about the things that you make me feel when you write about this. The places in me you touch with these words are the deep places, I try not to spend much time there, at least not alone. I think about you spilling my blood (and not just a little, and often too much), and the intense intimacy that it brings. I think about the incredible need that you call up in me; about how much it scares me and how bad you make me want to do it. I want to see you with my blood on your body, to have that very visceral assurance that you enjoy my suffering, my pain. I long for the day that I see that look in your eyes again.


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