25 September 2008

Por favor

Kaye, Lucivar, Terry... my brain exploded and I can only remember snapshots (which is to say, fewer than usual) of last Friday night at the play party.
Please post or email your memories, even if just an outline to help my poor, limping brain along.


  1. Let see: I was put on the spanking horse. hands putting were cuff and put above my head. Then my collar was clipped to Lucivar's collar. Then you and terry had your way with us. does that help?

  2. Well, darling, I remember that much!
    I meant your memories of it, your impressions, what stood out to you.

  3. Oh sorry ma'am. I felt kinda shocked that two beautiful Dommes wanted to play with me. As the play started I got more comfortable being close to Lucivar. The whole scene seemed to last about 15 minutes in my mind but it actually about an hour and half to two hours. I hit a new level of sub space for me, which was when I got hit, I started to laugh. The scene was one of the best play scenes I have had.

  4. *laughs* Why wouldn't we want to play with you, sweetheart? In fact, Terry saw you and pointed you out to me and said that she was interested in you, and if I recall correctly I complimented her good taste :)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the scene, it was absolutely wonderful for me- and for Terry and Lucivar as well according to them :)
    It was definitely one of the absolute hottest things I've ever done, and I thank you for being a part of it.
    Any random flashes of memory, strong images/memories/impressions that you have will help me remember too.


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