12 September 2008

Ice cubes

I mentioned when I first introduced Jack that he's 'nilla kinky.
There's... a bit more to it than that.
(Isn't there always?)

After a string of relationships where I didn't get my kink needs met, as SOON as it started looking like Jack and I might keep each other around for a while, I started discussing kink and poly with him.

I still giggle when I tell people that when we first got together, he told me that he wasn't really into kinky stuff, but if he was he'd be submissive.
Um. No. Seriously. It reeeeeeally didn't work out that way.

It took maybe a week? for him to first decide to Top me a bit. Coming out of what as an ostensibly D/s relationship with Jay, in which I was ostensibly the submissive but actually ran everything that kept our lives going, I was... definitely concerned about getting my needs met this time. I shouldn't have worried. Jack's Top side came on like a freight train and I was delighted to be slammed into. Rather literally.
So my 'submissive' 'nilla partner is actually very dominant. That worked out very well until my own Top side came out... strongly. Perhaps not a freight train... more like a great cat pouncing.

Two dominants in the house make for some interesting discussions, let me tell you.

Well, when my Toppy side came back out, I tried Topping Jack again, since he hadn't switched to his sub side in quite a while.
*laughs* That didn't work out very well. He, ah, cooperated, but there was no actual submission there, and submission is what I craved.

Shortly after, I met Kat, we started discussing poly heavily, and my Top side is mostly content. (Mostly, because as I've mentioned before, I only get to actually play with Kat one weekend a month due to that whole 6 hour drive thing)

Okay, now you've got context. Short version of all of that is that Jack doesn't really sub. He just doesn't.

Cut to last night:
we're lying in bed, doing our usual half hour or so of laughing, talking, giggling, and kissing, before bed. I offer a blowjob since I was rather in the mood to give one, and he'd gone down on me 2 nights before.
Now, I realize that many dominant women would never DREAM if giving head. It's so submissive, or so the male doms claim. But I'm here to tell you, there's something incredibly powerful about having a man's most important parts (to him at least!) between your teeth, controlling his every response with only a flick of your tongue.
And it's fucking FUN.

So I tell him my throat's dry, and will he please get me a glass of water. Which he does.
With ice.
Let it be mentioned that I almost NEVER drink my water with ice at home. I keep the Brita pitcher refrigerated, so I don't need to, but the pitcher was nearly out so he had to refill it and it was room temperature.

So he got an ice cube blowjob.
Now, I have very sensitive teeth, so I can't hold the ice cube in my mouth while I suck him. However, a few slow sips of icy water and I might as well have ice in my mouth.

Positioning myself above him, I wrapped my frigid lips around his half-hard cock and sucked quickly. Normally, I like to take my time, but I wanted him to get the full effect before my
mouth warmed up.

And he did. Oh, he did. His back arched, he got instantly hard and he made these lovely little noises while I worked his cockhead with my chilly tongue, deep-throating him once and dragging my teeth up the length of him again (did I mention that he's a bit of a masochist as well?).

I repeated this a few times, savoring his jumping and whimpering with each renewed application of cold to his rigid cock, using lips, teeth, and tongue all on him... he reached for me once, and I moved his hand firmly back to his side and continued to enjoy myself before eventually 'getting down to business' and finishing up.

He was still a little bit in headspace when we started cuddling afterwards- from the fact that he couldn't control the sensations at all, he said- and I just grinned like that cat who's gotten into the cream. Which I suppose I had, come to think of it!

I'm so buying us an icemaker.

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