25 September 2008

Give me a hand with DomCon, please?

Yes, I post too damned often. Enjoy it while it lasts, because eventually I'll slow down.
I mentioned DomCon. And that it's coming up.
Now, here's something not everyone in the scene realizes about me: I'm a serious nerd. Like, really. I adore learning new things. I'm a double-major in Anthropology and Sociology, and a double-minor in Gender Studies and Psychology. So yeah, not only am I nerd, but I'm a nerd obsessed with how people work. Needless to say, I fucking love classes at kink conventions.
There are so many fun and interesting things to learn about new ways to hurt people.
So many things to learn, in fact, that I'm having trouble deciding.

So now, dear reader, I would like your opinion. Obviously, your answers are going to be biased toward your kinks. That's fine. I guess I'm mostly just curious what all of you lovely pervs are interested in :)

My Friday choices:
1130: Physiology- Understanding the human body and how it response to BDSM play

1245: Objectification or Electrical Play for Dummies/Beginners

1400: Stapling and Piercing or Strap-on Sex for all Genders

1515: Male Subs 101 or Bastinado or Art of Flogging (yes, Lucivar, I know you don't want me
looking at more bastinado)

1630: Sensory Deprivation/Overload or Kiss My Boots or Psychology of Service Subs

1745: CBT Techniques or Shibari Basics or Blade Play 101 (I'm SOSOSO leaning toward blades)

My Saturday choices:
1130: Sadistic Savings with Satan or Toxic BDSM (toxins used in play, not emotionally toxic)

1245: Predicament Bondage

1400: Dynamics of a Scene or Enema Play or Gender Fuck

1515: Blood Play (there are just no questions about this one)

1630: Erotic Wax Play (taught by a friend) or Mastering the Senses

1745: Sensual Touch/Erotic Dominance or Traditional English Corporal Discipline

My Sunday choices:
1200: Formal Tea Service (Kat, you will be attending this, and Lucivar, I'd like for you to as well)

1330: Mummification (I took this with the same person at SELF and enjoyed it) or Protocols and Rituals

1500: The Mistress Tea (no question here, either. I adore formal teas)

1630: Search and Seizure for Sadomasochists

What are your thoughts, folks? Please feed the blogger!

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