26 September 2008

Things I need to do today

  • Put on something other than a big t-shirt. Seriously. (I added a pair of jeans that are more hole than denim. It counts, right?)
  • Call Grace Body Jewelry to find out where in the hell my belly ring is a month after ordering it. (Yay! I have a belly ring! Now if I can only get this one to heal enough to change it out...)
  • Take my car by the Honda shop and tell them I want the little rubber grommet that rotted away and that no, they don't get to charge me $50 for it (because you know they'll try) They charged me $4 for a rubber grommet. Seriously. But it's fixed now, so *shrugs*
  • Clean up the kitchen. Seriously. It's nasty.
  • Laundry! Clean clothes make my life better!
  • Call Tattoogirl and see if she wants to grab coffee with Jack and I and discuss playing
  • Work on the two papers I have due Tuesday
  • Get my opal necklace fixed
  • Buy an SD card for my new camera
  • Buy more dog food
  • Take my timesheet in to work to turn in
  • Figure out exactly what Boss Lady wants in abstracts and generate a crapload for her since I sort of haven't gotten any other work done with all the drama this week
  • Giving the fucking blogging a rest. Seriously. Really. (Riiiiiiigghhtt)

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