09 September 2008

Fall Traveling Plans

Ok. Next weekend I'll be driving to Atlanta to stay with Terry & Daniel and attend BITCH and WS.
I'll drive up Thursday, stay with my darling Kat, then either spend the day in Atlanta and drive to T & D's after BITCH, or drive out there Friday-day and ride to BITCH with them. It depends on if they decide to attend. Saturday I intend to spend quietly with Terry & Daniel and then attend WS (preferably riding with them) Saturday night. Sunday, I'll return to Atlanta for a big belated birthday dinner with friends, stay with Kat, and then Monday morning while he's at work I'll drive home.

Yay for workable plans.

Now, as for DomCon and Biketoberfest.
Jack and I discussed Biketoberfest last night. The plan was originally that we will trailer my bike to Gainesville, FL like we did last year and I will ride from there to Daytona and stay with Jennifer while he visits his mother and goes to a hockey game in Tampa. Just like last year. There's only one snag. We don't have access to a truck this year like we did last year. See, we both drive small cars, neither of which are capable of towing a motorcycle. Well, his COULD but it's a sports car and features a regrettable lack of trailer hitch.

Therefore, with DomCon only the weekend before, I've been thinking that I just can't make that. I'm a college student, for Havens sake and I the grant under which I work just ended. I won’t know until today whether I have a second job or not. In other words, whether I have an income.

But see, aside from my wanting to go to Biketoberfest, there’s an additional complication. Jack hasn’t seen his mother in months. And he adores his mom. He’s a momma’s boy, something I heartily encourage because she is an amazing woman and I adore her myself. So… Jack refuses to go 6 hours to Gainesville without me going to. Leaving me feeling pressured to spend additional money on an event I just don’t think that I can manage.

However, after a bit of a temper tantrum on both of our sides, I said that damned if I wasn’t considering just buying him a damned plane ticket to Tampa for that weekend and making sure it was non-refundable so he had no choice.

So, of course, like he usually does when I make some comment like that in temper, he said that that was a good thought.
It always stops me in my tracks, he knows me far too well. And now we have a compromise. I can’t go to Biketoberfest this year (unless someone wants to send me a few hundred dollars just because I’m cute and ride a bike!) but I will go back up to Atlanta the weekend after DomCon for BITCH and Whippersnappers while Jack flies to Tampa. WHY this is easier than his driving there I have *no* idea, but apparently it is.

Which means that my October travel plans are now:
DomCon October 9-12 in Atlanta. Jack and I will drive up to Atlanta after class and stay with Kat that night. Friday morning we will all check into the hotel, and meet Daniel there, as he is staying with us. We are hoping that Terry will be able to join him, but work has not yet told her if she can or not. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday days will be taken up with workshops (my picks will be posted later), and Friday night Jack will be attending a hockey game and I will attend the play party at 1763 with Kat and Daniel. (Gee, my life just sucks. Really. I get to attend a play party with two beautiful, submissive men. Dammit!)
Saturday night will be another play party, and if my libido and submissive side are ‘repaired’ then I’d like to play with Jack. Otherwise, I’ll watch him play and possibly play a little more myself.
Then Sunday day we will check out of the hotel and after the workshops attend the After-Party, and retire to Kat’s house Sunday night, then drive home Monday morning. Probably very LATE Monday morning.

The next weekend will be BITCH and Whippersnappers, so I will do my usual Thursday afternoon drive to Atlanta, then stay with Kat that weekend while I attend both events and possibly do a bit of modeling while I’m there. I think that post-DomCon, however, I’ll be on a pretty strict budget :-)
Especially since there are some pretty big Halloween fetish events there which I am strongly considering attempting to attend.

November will ComiCon in Atlanta, assuming that I can still afford it and want to go. I'll probably volunteer if I do decide to go.

And, of course, then there's The Move in December.

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