19 February 2013

Bloody Lips

Turn my brain off. 
Wrap your fingers in my hair and shut down my mind. No more thinking, weighing, analyzing, judging. Just the painful weight of my body hanging by my hair from your hands as you remind me what, in this place, I am. 
Just the musky scent of your arousal against my face, the painful mashing of my lips and jaw against your zipper, hard enough to cut my lips and leave tiny spots of blood on the front of your pants. I wonder how, back at work, you will explain that. Will you tell them you cut yourself? Wrap a bandaid on your hand for verisimilitude? Or will you just tell them that you pressed a woman's face to your cock hard enough to cut her lips on your zipper?

15 February 2013

Escaping my head

I need you today.
I need you to fuck me, to use me, to hurt me.

I need you to force me to my knees, so that the floor is gritty beneath them and the mild pain resonates with the tearing in my scalp from your grip on my hair.
I need you to force my mouth open with your fingers and replace them with your cock, to rape my mouth and use it as roughly as you want. I need you to choke me with it, to force tears of pain from my eyes with your hands in my hair and your cock in my mouth.

I need to taste you cum in me, hands forcing me against your groin until I am choking on you and my nose is smashed against your skin and I cannot swallow but know I have no choice.

I need you to leave your cock there, to feel you pat my head roughly and tell me that it isn't over, and to suck you hard again. I need the frantic desire to please you, soft tongue wrapping around you, stroking the head of you, aching to feel you harden and fill up my mouth again.
I need to feel that hardening, feel your hips thrust against my mouth as I strain to keep my teeth away from you, feeling them cut into my lips as I take their sharpness rather than inflict it on you.

I need to feel you pull out of my mouth, to see you smile at my little whimper of loss, my eyes widening as you yank me to my feet, turning my roughly and bending me over. I need to feel your hands on my ass, roughly spreading me apart, your feet kicking my legs wide, your cock roughly probing at my pussy. I need the sharp pain of your entrance without prepapration, the wet slap of skin against skin as you chuckle at the abundance of my arousal. I can't quite hear your rough whisper, but it sounds like, "slut"... or maybe that's my wishful thinking.

God, I need to feel you sliding into me, stretching me, filling me. I need to feel your hands on my hips, roughly yanking me onto you until every thrust is its own pain as well as pleasure. I can't help but writhe away from the pain of your cockhead bumping my cervix with every thrust, and my little whimpers of pain and pleasure only cause your hands to tighten painfully on my hips.
This, this is what I need. This feeling of being used- helpless, hanging from your hands, hurting and soaked with arousal and needing more and more.
I need this. Need the bruising strength of your hand on my hip, another carelessly toying with my breasts in an almost absent gesture of ownership. There is nothing here of concern for my pleasure, none of the tentative fumblings of a lifetime of boys hoping for another chance if they're only gentle enough, giving enough. I do not want gentle, and all I want to be given is this- your cruelty, your desire, your cock.

My mind is clear, a blank slate with only these sensations running through me. In this moment I am nothing but a body for you to fuck and it is a peaceful place, a place where I am succeeding at my only goal, and when I feel your rhythm change, speed up, your cock flexing inside of me and your hands tightening on my hips, I know that I have truly succeeded as you begin to cum.
This moment is my reward, this straining, bruising, pleasure of having pleased you, and as you drop your hands from me I can only fall limply back to my knees, boneless with submission and pleasure, my head turning langourously to gently lick you clean as your hands rests, quietly now, in my hair.

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