15 October 2012


I own a girl. A beautiful girl. Smart, sexy, silly, serious, and
stubborn. Like that alliteration?
Friday night, she pointed out that we've gotten halfway through our
contract and just sort of stopped. Stymied on how to write out in
words what we want, what we feel, how we love.

Because I am lazy, i set it aside to work on later.

And then, as it does, life happened.

I got sick.
The baby got diaper rash.
D got snippy.
Work got busy.
JJ got in trouble with school.

Life happened.

And as so often happens to all of us, dynamics and lover-ships got put
on the back-burner for the necessity of being co-parents, grown-ups,
employees, and PTA members.

Friday night, our girl called us out on it.

Saturday night, we put her training collar on.

No, it isn't the collar we'd intended- in fact, one of the reasons we
put things on hold was because we couldn't agree one what collar we
*do* intend! But it works until we finish bickering about our
preferred styles.

Our girl is wearing a thin leather cord with my opal ring. It sits
perfectly on her neck, and every time I see it I have to fight the
urge to grab her by the hair and kiss her senseless.

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