04 September 2008

Of superheroes and suffering

Can someone please tell me what the fuck is up with submissive men trying to look all femmey and whiney?
I love really masculine men. I like strength, muscles, body hair, macho yummy men. I find sissification and feminization kinda gross, quite frankly. Hey, if it's your kink that's fine.
But there's something that bothers the feminist in me about the idea that it's humiliating for you to seem more feminine. More like me.
The obvious derivation there is that being like me is humiliating.
Ex-fucking-scuse me?
No bloody well thank you.

I LIKE being female, and feminine. Sure, sometimes I wish the whole boobs thing was less of an issue- seriously, guys, try running with two water balloons filled with nerve ending strapped to your chest. I fucking dare you- but that aside, I like being a girl. I like the rights and privileges it gives me while I rant about the limitations that are still there.
I love my curvy thighs, wide hips, smooth skin, flat belly, heavy breasts, small hands. Secondary sex characteristics, they're called. Sex. Yes.
I like mine. More than that, I like people's (mostly men's) reactions to them.
But dammit, I like men. I like hairy, muscled legs, narrow hips, heavy, dangling cock and balls, muscled bellies, strong chests, corded necks, muscled arms, angeled jaws..... fucking YUM.
Seriously. I find nothing attractive about a skinny guy in a badly fitted maid's uniform and heels he doesn't know how to walk in.

Submissive men are heroes, really. So why are they marketing themselves as sissies? There's something really heroic about pursuing what you love in a culture that makes fun of you. That takes a kind of strength that I don't know if I have, personally. So I admire submissive men. I respect them. They're doing an incredibly hard thing, and (some of them at least) are doing it well.
Bitchy Jones commented that submissive men are superheroes. I agree. Have you ever really read those comics, or seen the movies- c'mon, the last 2 years we've been slammed with superhero movies. What's the definition of a superhero? I can make the argument that it doesn't require superpowers (Batman?), but simply requires a willingness to sacrifice his personal happiness for the good of the people. Spiderman, Batman, Superman. Batman is willing to be chased down and hunted so that the people can keep a comfortable idea of another hero. Superheroes suffer, sacrifice, and hurt... willingly. Daredevil, Wolverine, Blade... they suffer for others. Sure, there's is kinda a 'greater good' thing, but dammit I AM the greater good when you're kneeling in front of me and I'm holding the riding crop. Watching you suffer for me, watching the tears in your eyes as you accept the pain I'm giving you, the tension in your body as you lean to kiss the cane and the soft whimper when it raises a beautiful crimson welt on your skin.
That suffering is divine to me. To willingly place yourself in my- or any Domme's!- hands to suffer for us... that is divine. That is heroic. And I fucking love you for it.

So for Goddess' sake, please stop trying to make yourselves seem weak. It's not attractive, and it's not accurate.

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  1. I do not adhere to sissification, nor am I a doormat. I submit only to a superior woman because she earns my respect and service.

    BDSM leather originated in the GLBT
    lifestyle, so you have some really freaked out practitioners in it.

    After all, not all lesbians or gays are freaks. Many are so conventional you have a problem pidgeon-holing them.


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