10 September 2008

Orgasm control

We talked last night about orgasms, and orgasm control. I love orgasm control. I was never really into it, but I've definitely become a fan. Now, note the word, "control", not the word, "denial". I don't like orgasm denial much. I like it too much when he cums.

I like making him wait a day or two, yes. I like watching the tension in him rise. I like the way he wonders if this time I'll make him wait longer. I like the slight nervousness. I like the way that everything is just a little sexier than it should be, just a little more arousing. The way the TV conspires with me and makes sure there's a show involving scantily-clad women, usually athletic ones. The way he gets that slight whine in his voice when I tell him, "No", and he says, "Yes, Ma'am".

I love that.

But do you know what else I love? I love it when he cums. I love the way his breathing speeds up and gets ragged. The tension in his beautiful body. The little sounds that he makes, the way that his eyes go wide and blind just as he orgasms. The way his hands clench, and then his whole body relaxes against me. Jesus I love that.

My sex drive is broken right now, but just thinking about that is enough to make me hot.

I love orgasm control.

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