29 September 2008

To-do list

Things I really need to get done today:
  • Write the two papers due Tuesday (they’re only 2 pages each- wtf?!- so easy)
  • Put in a claim with my phone insurance/check and see if I’m eligible to just get a new one (I’m not. Dammit. I did, however, just buy a new one from Best Buy for $40. Seriously. I love those guys)
  • Drop an email/call to Best Buy corporate to tell them how much I love their customer service
  • Buy an SD card for the new camera
  • Call camera company and tell them I want the fucking camera to work
  • Pay RGB (by phone, remember you’re near deadline)
  • Arrange my volunteering with the Red Cross (Orientation next Wednesday at 0830)
  • Get my opal necklace fixed
  • Go by the health dept and get tested so that I can play with Lucivar's blood (scheduled, Wednesday 1040)
  • Get my AAA membership renewed
  • Re-fight with my school about my transfer to GSU
  • Call the lawyer’s office who sent me the letter claiming that I’m in collections over $35 (again- WTF?!) and point out that they have records showing that I asked 4 times before closing the account if that was every single dime I owed them and them saying yes
  • Put together the church newsletter and email it out. Like, seriously.
  • Move money from Regions to Woodlands
  • Church, then lunch (Jack is teaching the teens- scary thought, huh?)
  • Get an application for Jack
  • Don’t drive to Montgomery again.

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