17 September 2008


Today, as soon as I leave the class I'm in, I drive to Atlanta. I'm ridiculously excited- more so even than usual. I feel like life is finally coming together again- I have Skya (my bike) back, A back, my job back, and hopefully some progress on the Jack-and-I front.

I drive in tonight, spend the night with Kat, house-hunt tomorrow (after a possible b'fast with Gypsy and picking up Logan's Garmin to borrow for house-hunting), then pick up Lucivar (maybe, if Terry doesn't/can't), then the FemDom event tomorrow night.
The theme is 'School', and since I couldn't think of anything really suitable to wear, I went to the thrift store and picked up a khaki skirt and fitted white shirt with tie. Uninspired but attractive. Coupled with a new wooden ruler, it will do although I'm not thrilled.
Saturday I will be spending with Terry and Lucivar before going to the TNG event. And yes, Lucivar, I'll be wearing the leather pants you admired so much. *grins*
Sunday, I will be returning to Atlanta-proper for my belated birthday dinner, then staying with Kat that night and driving home Monday morning.

And Tuesday I have a paper due :)

Wish me luck, and since I'll be leaving my laptop with Jack this weekend, I probably won't be blogging much if at all.

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