02 September 2008

An intro

Y'know, my birthday is a week from today. I turn 24.
When the fuck did I turn into a grown-up? Huh?!
I never wanted to be a grownup- I'm a polyamorous, bisexual switch, more interested in my next gratification than doing my homework. But somehow I've ended up with a house, a job, a good GPA, two pets, a couple of (mostly) healthy relationships, a position in the UU Fellowship I attend, and a several little side gigs that usually either make my money or subsidize my fun.

And I havea lot of fun to subsidize. I recently attended my first DragonCon, working security to subsidize my registration. In 2 weeks I am going up to Atlanta again for a FemDom event, followed by a TNG event and (if a photographer can be found as our usual one is unavailable) a photo shoot. Next month is DomCon (6 hours away), then Biketoberfest (8 hours away). And of course Biketoberfest and the two monthly FemDom and TNG events are on the same weekend.

And, of course, they all are going to be expensive.


  1. What does TNG stand for?

    Sorry we didn't meet up at D*Con!
    That weekened was a lot more active than I was expecting!

    I think I mentioned this one to you already, but check out Frolicon as well. I'm not as active in the kink cons, but I try to make that one every other year.

  2. The Next Generation- ie the younger BDSM crowd.

    Yeah I underestimated the insanity of D*C... holy shit. I will be better prepared next time.
    And yeah I'm going to Frolicon- I had never heard of it until recently but I've already been offerd 2 hotel rooms and told by 6people I MUST go :)


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