22 September 2008

Random vignettes from the weekend

I didn't have any toys at hand, not even my favorite carrying knife, and I was feeling too lazy to go and find some. (Even though they were in their toy-case less than 10' away)

So I used the lovely instruments of sadism gifted to me by the Goddess.

I bit him- hard, and watched the blood fill the indentions left by my small, intensely sharp teeth, and I watched his eyes widen and felt his back arch against me. His eyes are gorgeous when they go wide and blank.

I ran my nails- too short, alas!- along his skin, and over the bruises on his inner thighs left over from his previous evening. I loved the way he whimpered in pain and twisted his head from side to side- the motion one of negation but the meaning clearly the opposite.
He's such a slut. I love it.

I twisted his already sore nipples- ringed!- and watched him jam a fist in his mouth to try and stifle a scream while I shuddered in utter delight.

I wrapped my fingers in his hair and dragged his head around a bit, just because I like the texture of his hair and the way his entire body relaxes into my grip as he follows it.

And I told him a story. Actually, I told him a story the day before, but it's my blog and I can put things in whatever order I want. So there.

I wrapped my hand around his throat, feeling the rapid pulse there, and he instantly arched into my hand, baring his throat further to me. It made things low in my body clench in delight.
I really don't think I evolved much. I really don't. Primitive things like that just do it for me.

I asked him if he knew how wolves show their submission in packs. When he shook his head a little, I smiled and explained. Baring ones throat to any predator is an intimate gesture of trust. Wolves, at their most submissive, bare their throat and belly in the gesture dog owners are so familiar with- rolling onto their backs. But wolf intimacy, like that of humans, is far more complex than a simple rolling over.
Wolf pups lick their mother's (or any designated babysitter of the pack, and yes wolves have babysitters) muzzle, along the corners of her mouth, to ask for food. (Gross part: this is actually a request for her to vomit up half-digested meat which the pups can eat)
The gesture continues into adulthood to show submission to an alpha, licking the corners of the mouth gently. It is a gentle request for attention, a gesture that says, "I am vulnerable to you. You have power over me."
Alphas respond by taking the muzzle of the submissive gently into their mouths and closing their teeth on it lightly. The gesture says (to this anthropomorphizing human), "Yes, you are mine. I have the power to hurt you, but I will care for you as well."

His eyes were wide as I told him this, sitting on his chest and interspersing my words with light nips to his so-pretty lips.
His response when I finished?
He lightly licked the corners of my mouth.

Just... perfect.

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