28 September 2008

Weekend adventures

Yesterday I rode my motorcycle a few hours north to meet Lucivar for lunch. It was a wonderful afternoon.

First, I got up early and had breakfast with my lovely Olga, a beautiful, talented, smart blonde who I met by accident (in fact, I'm using the name of the person I thought she was as her blog-name ;-) and have been wanting to tie up and beat ever since. And the best part? She really wants to be tied up and beaten :)
Anyway, we had a lovely breakfast: Jack, Olga, the dog, and me. It was a nice, relaxed morning sipping tea and eating the best eggs benedict ever in the shade at our favorite sidewalk cafe and watching the Saturday morning pedestrians. Afterwards, we played for a few minutes in the park alongside (the same park where Tattoogirl and I keep running into each other), and then I got on the bike to ride to the best pizza place ever.

The ride was... amazing. It was warm, and sunny, and the wind blew through my jacket and the spaces between the laces of my boots. It was the longest ride I've ever done alone- 3 hours one way, and realizing halfway there that my AAA membership is expired was... scary... but I made it up fine. I stopped to see my favorite gas station attendant, but he wasn't there that day.

The one unpleasant part was the wasp in my helmet. Yes, a wasp got into my helmet while I was riding 85mph. I felt something hit my face, a sharp sting (way too) near my eye, and then out of the corner of my eye I could see a wasp inside my helmet.
See Bella quietly have a panic attack, because I knew for a fact that if that wasp stung my face while I was doing 85 on the interstate, that I would wreck and die. Just that simple. So I started frantically looking for an exit (THANK YOU STATE OF ALABAMA FOR DESTROYING THE SHOULDERS SO I COULDN'T PULL OVER), steadily panicking as the wasp started flying around inside of my helmet. I knew lifting my visor would only cause the wind to show it farther into my face- and my vulnerable eyes- so I was terrified. Finally, it landed on the top of my visor and I was able to open that and duck my head to force it out. Then I pulled off at the next exit and just trembled for a minute.

I finalyl arrived- nearly an hour later than I'd anticipated (oops. Again, Sorry, Lucivar!) and he was sitting there outside of the pizza place, reading a book. I could only grin as I walked up and hugged him.

We had a wonderful pizza for lunch, then just sat around and chatted for a while as I ran my fingernails up and down his arms and along his hands. He makes such yummy noises.
After a little while, we went to the same park where Kat and I hung out when met there, and had a lovely time just chatting and teasing and me hurting him a bit. It was... nice.

I gave him a piece of bloodstone that came into my hands almost exactly a year ago. I've never known exactly what it was meant for, exactly what I was supposed to do with it- until yesterday, as I got dressed, and I passed my house altar and saw it. I knew instantly why I'd been gifted with it, so I put it in my pocket and then set an alarm on my phone to remind me to give it to him.

Bloodstone. If you've never seen it, it looks like this:

Bloodstone was known to medieval Christians as the martyrs' stone, because it was believed that it was first formed when drops of Christ's blood mingled with the earth at Golgotha. To this day, it is used in some parts of the East for healing, and as an aphrodisiac.
Yeah. Apt, isn't it? His response was... gratifying.
I also received an absolutely love footrub as we lay there, despite the ants, and some nice just plain cuddling.
Then he gave me some bamboo skewers, which I used to carve into his arm a little reminder of me while he's at work this week. Yay.
Finally, we returned to the coffeeshop attached to the pizza place and had some really wonderful gelato and discussed how much we like one another. It's a conversation that, while eventually a bit repetitive, never seems to get old :)
Eventually, it was time to go, so some really lovely hair-pulling and chewing later, I finally forced myself onto the bike and rode home. The first hour was quite nice, cool without being terribly cold, and I had some nice warm memories in the pit of my stomach.
The last two hours, however, were a frozen, windburnt hell, and Skya and I are quite thoroughly tired of one another, I think.
Although not so tired that I'm not thinking of going down to somewhere with wireless on her and curling up while I work on my to-do list.
When I finally got in, I crawled into a hot bath then went very shortly to bed.
Life is good.
Today, I got reminded just how kinky my church is: the necklace that I wear, which Lucivar loaned me when my opal broke (and no, puppy, you're not ever getting it back. Just so you know.), is a small handcuff. That opens and closes. I cannot tell you how many of my fellow UUs wanted to play with it, comment on it, ask about it, and make sly suggestions about why I was wearing it.
Yeah. Kinky congregation. Seriously.
I just grinned like a cat in the cream througth the whole thing, and worked hard to not blush when the comments hit close to home.

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