25 September 2008


I originally wrote this piece for A. He was supposed to continue it, but never did so I consider it up for grabs.

Your hands were in my hair, tangled in the soft strands and pulling my head back sharply, making me whimper. I could feel you behind me, the warm line of your body over my own as you bent forward and bit into the soft flesh at the back of my neck, and I gave a soft cry, my body going limp across the bed, prone and helpess. You yanked me back up, your hips pinning mine down so that my back was arched sharply and your free hand wrapped around my torso to my breast, squeezing and pinching my nipple until I whimpered in pain and pleasure, writhing under the pressure of your hand and hips, your cock pressing into the soft skin of my ass. I writhed against you, begging you to fuck me, needing to feel you inside of me, my hips twitching in their own, silent plea.
Your hand left my hair, only to wrap around my throat, your long fingers wrapping almost all the way around my small neck, making me whimper and plead for more even as you rolled my nipple between your fingers, the pain and pleasure combining into one almost unbearable sensation. I could feel your cock growing against my ass, and rolled my hips as best I could, rubbing against you, stimulating you, begging you with my body to please fuck me, to use me. Abruptly, I felt myself shoved down to the bed, your grip changing to the back of my neck and holding me tightly down. I whimpered a little, wondering what was coming, until I felt your hand on my ass, stroking down to my engorged cunt, parting my lips…

I had a moment of panic when I woke up, blind, with a weight across my chest. I tried to claw the soft cloth off of my face, only to realize that my hands were tied above my head. Just as I started to really panic, your voice cut through my wild thoughts, “Be still, darling.”
Instantly, I stilled, understanding at last, and knowing that as long as you were here I was safe.
Sort of.
I took quick stock of myself, flexing my ankles and realizing that they too were tied widely apart, my wrists secured above my head, blindfold on, and your weight heavy on my chest. I whimpered a little, flexing against the bonds instinctively, sensing your mood from my predicament, but even as I made the soft noise of what was ostensibly fear, I felt myself growing wet for you.
You laughed, I don’t know how you knew it- surely you couldn’t smell my arousal yet? “Such a perfect little slut, you’re already ready to be used”. I could only whimper, knowing that you were right. I was aching for it, and as always, you knew it- it was one of the things I loved most about you. You know what a slut I am at heart, and not only accept it but love me more for it.
“Please…” I whimpered.
Your response was immediate and to-the-point. Before I even finished the single syllable word, your cock was between my lips, effectively gagging me. I whimpered once more but followed the unspoken command, drawing you into my warm, wet mouth eagerly, lips tight around your cock. You thrust immediately into me, and I choked for a bare second, not quite ready for it, but quickly adjusted, stroking you with my tongue and sucking slowly. You gave a low moan of pleasure and I swirled my tongue around the head of you, my supine position not allowing me as much depth as either of us like, but more than enough to gag me effectively. I scraped my teeth oh-so-gently over you, just enough to provide sensation, and I felt your body clench, drawing a moan of pleasure from my own throat that vibrated around you.

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