16 September 2008


I feel better today, after a hysterical crying jag on Jack's shoulder.
Ah, the joy of hormones.

My life is not hopeless. My sexuality is not broken.
But hormones combined with depression make me feel like utter shit about everything, and remembering otherwise is hard.

But this morning I wrapped myself up in Kat's shirt, and Jack's arms. The combination of scents from the two men I love most drew me gently out of the black hole I've been living in. I put on Kat's shirt in Religions class, and his scent wrapped around me and made me feel better. Then, curling up against Jack (and finding out I have a job again!!! Yay grants!!!) drew me the rest of the way out.
Truly, I am blessed.

Now if I can just convince my body to let me get aroused again...

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