29 September 2008

Due South

There is an episode of the show Due South, called A Cop, a Mountie, and a Baby.

The basic plot line is that Frasier and Ray get involved in a plot to sell a baby.

Two parts of this storyline stand out to me.
First off, the father justifying to himself selling his child, that the child would be better off with the rich, stable couple.
I wonder if that's what my father thought when he dropped me off with the various relatives he did after my mother's car wreck. That it would be better for me.
That my grandmother, my aunt, and all of the various people he left me with while he partied, were more stable than he, and would be better for me.
And maybe it was.
But I'll never know.

The other part of the storyline that stood out actually reminded me of Lucivar a little.
Frasier's wolf, Deifenbaker, follows the young father, having formed an attachment to the child. The wolf as species' attachment to young is explained- wolves are incredible parents, the whole pack coming together to raise every litter. Later, when Diefenbaker follows the father to a hotel room where he is hiding with the child, staying there with him (much to his dismay!), Frasier enters the hotel room quietly, and explains the Inuit story of how the wolf was created.
According to legend, after First Woman created the caribou, the first men hunted only the large and strong, until only the weak and sick were left, and the herds faltered. So First Woman created one last animal- Wolf- whose job was to winnow out the weak and the sick.

Wolf was created as a mirror to Men, who live in groups and raise their children with love, and hunt the caribou together.

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