01 October 2008

Playing with Jack

Last night, after the abundance of Toppy play and talking and thinking and writing that I've been doing, I started craving some balance. Jack commented at dinner with Olga that he wishes I were more of a masochist because he'd love to hurt me.
I commented that while I'm still not much of a masochist, I was definitely in the mood to be hurt. He perked right up :)

So last night, after we got home, he grabbed my hair to ensure that I was in the right mindset, then had me undress him, then reciprocated down to my thin tank top and panties. He had me wait for him on the bed, then went simply rubbed and petted me for a while, getting me used to his hands again (I can have strange issues with being touched sexually sometimes, especially post all the weird stuff recently), then dumped out the toybag, put my collar on me, and had me suck his cock while he took various things to me. Flogger, small cane, hairbrush, etc. It went a little past the pain I enjoy, but that just puts it into the realm of pain I enjoy dealing with for his sake. At some point he removed the rest of my clothing... things get kinda fuzzy after the first few blows :)

So yeah. Yummy. Finally, he pulled me up against him, curling my head into his shoulder and I just melted there for a while.
It wasn't the longest scene I've ever done. It wasn't the most amazing scene I've ever done, or the mst painful.

But it was a beautifully intimate reintroduction to playing with him, which isn't something we've done in far too long.

I slept in my collar last night. The slight jingling kept waking me up, but it was so worth it.

I woke up with a smile this morning.

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