17 October 2008

Random vignettes from the weekend- leatherworking by Q and the Mistresses' Tea

Sunday, the very last day of DomCon, was the Mistress's Tea. I had considered dressing up a bit, but, well, you know me.
I decided at the last minute that I needed to get my leather pants and boots worked on so I wore them with a tank top and asked Lucivar and Terry to show me where the lovely Q was doing leather.
Then we wandered for a while.
And I found a black leather corset for $75.
Yes. It was supposed to feature red on black flames, but they mistakenly sent her black on black. I loved it just as it is, and I've been wanting a black leather corset to go with my black leather pants and skirt.
Yes, it's cliche. I like it anyway. Fuck off.
So I bought it, and then I found Q. And decided that "Hey, if I'm getting the rest of it worked on, I should get this, too!
So in the middle of the hall, with Lucivar's truly reluctant assistance (that boy's life just sucks. almost as much as mine), I stripped (did I mentioned I don't wear a bra with those tanks?) and wriggled into the corset. It was a pretty good show, apparently, as it got several stares, and Lucivar had fun lacing me in while I sat in a chair and Q worked on my boots. Really, let me tell you how awful my life is.
Getting my boots polished by a gorgeous boi while being laced into my new, massively discounted corset by one of my favorite bio-boys.
Then, I got to stand up while she did my pants. Really. My life sucks. Beautiful boi running her fingers all over my pants, being careful to rub saddle soap into every-single-inch.
Then she handed me my knife so as not to get saddle soap on it.
While I was using Lucivar for balance.
Well, one would be foolish to pass up such opportunities.
So I held it to his throat and watched him make pretty noises for me, throat bobbing and eyes going all wide and grass-green. I ran the tip along his jawline and he whimpered a little. Pressed the serrated edge into his adam's apple and watched him struggle not to swallow. Smiled darkly when he leaned into the blade just a little, showing him those dark places in me that sing to his.

And then it was time for the Tea, so we agreed that I'd come back to be finished afterwards.

Terry and I took places in the middle of the room, and I looked around for my darling Katzelein, who had attended the morning tea service class and was therefore acting as a server in the Tea. He was, as usual, making himself busy ensuring that everything was as perfect as he knew how to make it. I was, and am, so proud of him, I know how naturally shy he is so this was a huge step for him and he did a wonderful job.
Our table was served by an older gentleman, whose shaking hands clinked the pot against our cups, but his nervousness was actually quite adorable. I 'played mum', passing around the small plates of cakes to everyone, and we all chatted.
It was open only to dominant women, and it was really a pleasure to talk freely with other women about the unique challenges and pleasures we experience. I can't remember most peoples' names, and I apologize for that, but if any of the ladies of our table read this, simply know that I cherish that time we spent together.
Meanwhile, my Kat was making his way through the room with a sharpie and a large paddle, requesting that we all sign it as a souvenier, for Mistress Musette (who taught the tea service class and put on the tea), I believe. He was respectful but not retiring, and poured as gracefully as ever- I am so very proud of him.

I truly owe a great thanks to Mistress Musette and her girl blue, who taught a wonderful class on tea service, and then did an amazing job of running the Tea. She is a true Belle, and impressed me very deeply. I look forward to having tea with her at some point in the near future.

Eventually, the tea ended, and I returned to the hands of the lovely Q, who slathered my pants once more with leather conditioner (oh gee, darn!) and then started on my corset. I believe I will have some pictures later of her working on me, which with her permission I'll try and post here :) It's quite a sight- my tiny, redhaired self standing on a chair while the lovely black boi runs her hands all over my corset :-D

I got one last kiss from her before she left, then went in to watch Jack's interrogation.

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  1. purrr...

    I'm so happy my performance pleased you. :)

    Serving at the tea was a lot of fun even if we did seem nervous. All of subs worked together as team. While I wanted to be the server for your table, ma'am, another sub got to your table first. Our duty was keep the service running smoothly, so I moved onto the next table. It turned out that was for the best as I was given the special task of collecting autographs on the paddle. The tea service was facinating in that the interaction between the dommes was the center of attention. We subs simpled needed to maintain the environment for facilitationg the conversation. Even if we appearred to be run regged, it was really quite relaxing.


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