13 October 2008


DomCon was fucking amazing.

Vignettes to blog:
  • Jack and I co-hurting Lucivar
  • The Mistresses' Tea
  • Being suspended in saran wrap by the very yummy Utah Rox, one of the instructors (I'm now 2 for 2 being suspended by my instructors at kink conventions :)
  • Getting my tits to toes leather cleaned and polished by the wonderful Q
  • Jack's terrifying interrogation at the hands of Sir Dale, which definitely went past my comfort level
  • Having the shit beaten out of me by another of the instructors, the wonderful Andrew Love and getting a nice catharctic case of bawling my eyes out (my breasts are still sore as I write this, asshole! :-D)
  • Fisting his girl, Sangre, for the first time
You guys know how I am, so be sure to bug me if I don't start posting vignettes within the next 24 hours!
Meanwhile, I need to get Jack and I moving and back on the road home...

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