20 October 2008

Help, please? x-posted from LJ

So that house we looked at on Thursday? The one that looked so awesome, with the 3 bedrooms, the little patio, and the built-in dungeon?

Well... we went back to look at it again on Saturday, with Lucivar. It's got thousands of dollars worth of moisture and termite damage, and a sagging but new roof. The realtor seemed honestly unaware of this, and claims the owner was, too. Bullshit. You can't possibly put a new roof on a house and not notice that it sags and has massive moisture damage just beneath. Bullshit.

So here's what Jack and I are thinking. It's unlikely we can afford to come up again before it's basically time to move. Our last exam is December 9th, and we'll be moving basically right afterwards.
We're thinking that what may make the most sense is to find someone we can stay with for 2 weeks to one month while we make a concentrated effort at house-hunting.

Obviously, we would pay to rent the space where we're staying, and do our share of any housework.
It has to be dog and cat friendly, since Puppy is nearly 60lbs and despite being very well-behaved, 60lbs is a good bit of room for a dog to take up.

Your thoughts?


  1. It's kinda funny. My Master and I are trying to close on a house in SC (about 2 hrs from Atlanta). We were planning on moving around january, but it might not happen until some time in (or hopefully before) july. We have to be out of this house by mid december, so, we have to find another pet friendly place to live. I really wish we could move to SC in december... but alas, we must wait.

  2. @ Ale: What irony :) Once you guys move, you'll have to come to some of the fetish events in ATL and stay with us.
    *hugs* I know how frustratig the moving game is.

  3. I hear ya... I really wish we could move sooner.. But with the whole economy crisis, and master's knee injury, it prolly wont happen for a few months. *sigh* We would love to come visit you guys :)


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