15 October 2008

Random vignettes from the weekend- suspended by Utah Rox

Utah Rox taught the Objectification class I took. By the end of the class, we had a human light switch (my adorable Kat), table, computer stand, couch, and ottoman.

I'm little. Like, 107lbs little.
I got to sit on the couch, and put my feet up on the ottoman. I developed a pretty quick crush on the instructor, but didn't worry too much about it because I knew I had my hands rather full of boys already.
Until the next day, during Andrew's bloodplay class. Sangre made, um, a bit of a mess. As in, she was completely covered in her own blood, rubbing it into her skin and dipping her fingers in it. She's a sick little bitch, and I like her a lot :)
Suffice to say, however, that this posed some problems getting her back up to her room because she was technically a biohazard.
So we literally carried her through the hotel lobby wrapped in plastic sheeting to opaqueness (poor nillas in that lobby!!!) and stuffed her in the elevator along with everyone else carrying anything else that was a biohazard.It was a rather amusing adventure, and while Sangre showered, Andrew, Jack, Rox, and I chatted.
I don't remember the conversation. It ended up being discussed that Jack and I might be bleeding that night. Since I hadn't yet gotten my bawling in, I was pleased with this plan.

Yes, I'm a slut. It's fun. Deal with it.

That night, however, when I ran into Rox, he said that he was looking for someone to suspend. I'm not terribly into suspension, so when he commented that I was the perfect size for it (subtle, Rox. You'd already asked my weight, remember? :-p), I said I had only done it once and it was a little painful for me. He agreed that Shibari suspension could be that way, but that wasn't what he intended.

See Bella's curiousity aroused. I inquired. He answered.

I started grinning. We negotiated with Jack and he stayed nearby to watch and keep a eye on me.

So Rox started setting up, and I stripped and stood on a chair. It's such a good thing I have no issues with nudity, because it's amazing how many people stop *in a BDSM club with play going on* to stare at one naked chick. Can someone explain this to me? Sure, I'm cute, but I was hardly the only attractive female there who could be stared at.Whatever, it's just amusing in retrospect.

Then he wrapped me in green pastic wrap of some kind, until it must have looked like I was wearing a plastic tube-dress.

And then he removed the chair.

I had a spurt of panic when the chest took the weight of my body and I was actually hanging by *plastic wrap*. The little part of my brain that thinks everything I do is stupid was gibbering wildly, screaming, "It's fucking plastic wrap! You're going to fall and break your neck and OHMYFUCKINGGOD!"

The rest of me was just grinning stupidly and absolutely thrilled with the entire Universe.
By the time he had my feet up as well, I was just drifting in pleasure and that beautiful mental escape that bottoming brings me.I was pretty helpless up there. It was someone else's job to watch out for me, and everyone else. There was nothing I could do for anyone except exactly what I was doing- nothing- and there is an amazing freedom in that.

He checked on me every so often, grinning hugely himself, and the only complaint I had was that the tight binding left my breasts sore. Maybe there's a way to wrap under them and leave them free? What a fun way to torture someone's breasts, actually... *goes off into evil thoughts*

Eventually, they brought me down and I almost whined. Until Rox directed Jack beneath me so that I literally slowly dropped down onto him and he caught me, wrapping his arms around me.

I didn't even bother to get dressed after that, just wrapped a sarong around me, because there was nothing else I could do that night that would come even close to mtaching that.

And yes, I have such a serious crush on Rox now :)

This pics are courtesy and property of Utah Rox- thanks!

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  1. I am so glad I was there to see it. great description, i was able to relive the spectator experience.


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