13 October 2008

Random vignettes from the weekend- Jack, Lucivar, and I

Let it be said that Jack and I had never coTopped before this weekend. We'd talked about it, and made happy sounds at the idea, but we'd never coTopped before.
Until Friday.

We finally got everyone up into the room, and we were all hanging out. I don't remember where Terry was. It was Jack, Lucivar, and I in the hotel room.
Lucivar was showing Jack some of their toys, their canes. Jack grabbed one, whipped it around, then popped Lucivar with it. Lucivar, shameless little slut that he is, promptly started wiggling his ass for more. I suggested that perhaps they'd both get a better effect without Lucivar's pants. Approximately 1.5 seconds later, Lucivar was naked. Shocking, I know.
I watched for a bit, then remembered that I hadn't yet shown Lucivar my evil stick. I forgot it on my last trip somehow.
That's when I got involved- hey, I can't resist a beautiful, begging boy.
We turned him over on his back, and I straddled his chest, my ass almost in his face, and Jack spread his thighs wide.

Have you ever seen an evil stick? It's a little piece of very stiff wire, maybe 16 or 18 gauge, with a flat little oval of pretty acrylic on the end. I'll have to take a picture of it an put it up eventually. It's very stiff, so when you bend it, and pop that little acrylic end on someone's inner thighs, they make lovely, yummy noises. They also try to buck you off, but hey, I've got strong thighs.

We dumped out my toybag after a little while of that, Jack mostly using various canes, me using my favorite hairbrushes and metal nails, both of us using riding crops, hands, and more or less whatever we felt like.
There's nothing organized about our play. We tend to just dump out the toybag and grab whatever looks interesting.

Eventually, we had to cuff him and attach his wrists to the headboard. Did you know that the DomConAtlanta hotel has wrought iron headboards on the beds that are bolted, quite securely, into the walls? We do, now. Lucivar does, now.

His face was so cute, the way he twisted and writhed, and his eyes got huge and deeper green.

We would hurt him for a while, then stop to kiss one another and grin, then we'd go back to hurting him, then make out a little more on top of the helpless, hurting little boy. I think the noises he made while we were making out were nearly as good as the one she made while we were hurting him.
I officially love playing with Jack, I felt so delightfully close to him as we worked together to hurt Lucivar as much as possible. Hey, every couple needs to have hobbies they can do together!

Eventually, we had to let him go so that he could shower and shave. He kept making these adorable false starts that ended with his head back in my lap and my fingers tangled in his hair (I never said the false starts weren't partly my fault) and him making more pretyt noises for me.

He's such a little slut.
It's really adorable.

And you know what?
Jack said I can fuck his pretty little ass :-D

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