14 October 2008

Full Moon

Last night, at Terry and Lucivar's, I spent the Full Moon in their hot tub.
Terry was at a meeting, so it was Jack, Lucivar, and I in the hot tub.

I sat opposite the boys, and just to prove to me how incredibly wonderful my life is, and the men in it are, they each took a foot and started rubbing.

Ok, they may have had different motivation, but that's how I took it.

I sat buoyed in hot water (salt, so it didn't even reek of chlorine!), my head cradled by the back of the tub, staring at the incandescent moon glowing like silver sun through the pine trees, while two beautiful men rubbed my feet.

Really, my life is absolutely fucking amazing. And I mean really fucking amazing.

Later, Terry joined us, and we all sat around in the hot water and chatted for a while.

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  1. The moon has been amazing these last few nights!

    I'm loving your posts, they just take the reader into the moment... the smell of the salt water, the lull of a hot tub's jets, the relaxation, a crisp night, the full moon ... awesome


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