26 October 2008


Terry and Lucivar came to visit.
In fact, I'm writing this early in the morning (ok, 0830) as everyone else sleeps in a little. We went out to my favorite gay bar last night- a little hole-in-the-wall with the best drinks, best bartender, and sweetest people ever. I'll never be able to replace it once I move.

There's nothing spectacularly kinky to report- they got in late Friday night and we all hung out for a bit, went to the Farmer's Market and the beach, then to dinner with my minister and his husband and another very kinky couple Jack and I are close to, and this morning, post-services, we'll be going horseback riding at a friend of mine's.
Well, the conversations have been spectacularly kinky, and it seems like it may have been an interesting relief for them to be able to be open in what was ostensibly a vanilla setting about their interests and dynamic.

Quick vignettes:
Yesterday, at the beach... I live 45 minutes from some of the nicest beaches on the Gulf Coast. Seriously, I do. It's an easy drive, but I haven't made it in 3 years. Don't ask me why, I just never have.
Yesterday, with Terry and Lucivar, I did. We wandered the sugar-sand beaches looking for shells (Terry is a woman obsessed!), and every little while I would get tired of that (read: a crick in my neck) and make my way to the water's edge. I stood barefoot in the surf, feeling the cool, salty water caress my toes, and looked out over the endless horizon. The waves dug small holes in the sand around my feet, creating arch supports for me as the sun warmed (read: burned) my shoulders.
In those moments, there with earth beneath my feet and air blowing mischeviously around me, ancient water lapping at my ankles and the fiery sun caressing my skin, there with people I love around me, there I felt my heart fill until I wanted to simply scream out how incredibly blessed I am.

Last night, at the bar, the cigar smoke got too heavy (one of our friends is a pretty serious cigar smoker- his humidor is worth more than my car, and its contents worth more than most anything I own!) with he, his beautiful wife, and Lucivar all smoking, so I wandered outside (okay, staggered light-headedly... did I mention I'm a might allergic to smoke? One of the reasons I rarely go to bars) into the courtyard which was blissfully empty. I leaned against the railing, staring down into the algae-covered landscape pond, and wheezing a little as I tried to clear my head of the smoky cobwebs caused by the lack of oxygen. Jack and Lucivar came out to check on me, and there for a few moments, I stood there between them, surrounded by their love and concern, the love of my friends inside still glowing like a warm haven just a few feet away.

Today, we'll go horseback riding, where I am more comfortable than I am on my two feet. I'll probably ride bareback, doing little levades and caprioles on whichever horse needs work the most. Most of these won't be consensual on my part, more a constant, low-level 'discussion' of what direction we're going and at what speed. I'll ride between two of my favorite people, probably giving a running riding lesson even as I ignore half of my own advice in the argument with my mount.
And I'll grin ear to ear, because the Universe really, really loves me.

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