20 October 2008

To-Do List

Today's "Hi, Bitch, I hope you enjoyed being gone because you have a lot of shit to make up for!" To-Do List

  • Gather up everything that needs to be paid and figure out how to do so
  • Pick up package from post office
  • Pick up paycheck(s?) from work
  • Grocery shop
  • Do lots and lots of laundry
  • Clean up house
  • Arrange my next Red Cross classes
  • Seriously fucking study for the three tests I missed
  • Primer-spray roof-top
  • Get copy of insurance card and fax to avoid ticket
  • Arrange Jack's transcripts
  • Make appts for pets' rabies shots
  • Go to J & A's for Jack's library books

Doesn't have to be done today:

  • Go and renew my tag- can't wait until in Georgia, will be too long before returning
  • Renew bike tag in P'cola, and get Jack's birth cert

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