18 November 2008

The Universe loves me again!

Lots of ups today... maybe my life is on an upswing again?

I went to see my gyno today, and not only did she offer me a way to (hopefully) stop bleeding, but apparently there's a vulvo-vaginal specialist here in my hometown who can (again with the 'hopefully') give me some answers about treating my vaginismus.
In other words, I might (just might, maybe, don't get your hopes up!) be able to have sex again. Like, real vaginal intercourse.

I also picked up the Navigator's truck today to borrow for a little bit, and he gave Jack some ideas about fixing his car.

And just to top off the wonderful things today?
I have a functional hot water heater and a bag of Dove Promises.

Fucking right. My life rocks again.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going horseback riding again.
Maybe this time I'll take my damned camera.

More sex stuff soon, once the stress level goes down. Promise ;-)

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