22 November 2008


Last night, I dreamed.
I dreamed about taking him and bending him over my bed. Tying his ankles wide to the feet, and his hand to the headboard. The ropes are multi-colored, almost pretty against his skin, and he twists his face back to give me an uncertain look.
I love that uncertain look, the one that says that he isn't sure what I plan to do, but he wants to find out.
The one that says he's just a little bit afraid of me.
I dreamed of his body stretched at the foot of my bed, his feet planted on the hardwood floor, legs spread wide and vulnerable cock and balls dangling there.
I dreamed of his chest flat to my comforter, his lovely ass and back exposed to me, and that uncertain look on his face while I opened my toybox to decide what I was going to do to him.

I dreamed of an embarrassment of riches.

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