25 November 2008

Sex and food

I cooked yesterday.
Homemade apple butter, chili, lamb chops, and breakfast in the crockpot.

There's something uniquely fulfilling about cooking, to me. It gives me the same pleased, contented feeing as good sex with someone I love.
Strange, no?
But it does.

Cooking- and more importantly, feeding people, just makes me happy. I know that 'happy' is a non-specific word, and good writers aren't supposed to use nonspecific words.
But it's the best word, because it's a nonspecific feeling. Just a general feeling of pleasure, joy, contentment.
The same way I feel curled up against him right after good sex. Pleased, fulfilled, content, and already thinking about the cleaning up I'll have to do ;-)

And the fact that I tend to cook naked assures that Jack loves it when I cook, too.


  1. yay for general non-specific good feelings :)

    re: your preferred cooking attire ... our neighborhood's 4th of July cookout has had waning attendance the past few years and we're brainstorming to attract a bigger crowd, can I pencil you in for a lead chef slot?

  2. A splatter guard is being used, isn't it?

    Just wanted to make sure you're practicing safe cooking. :)


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