07 November 2008


I feel incredibly sensitive this morning. I know that phrase is usually used in a negative light, as in being sensitive to every little word as an insult, every small slight as an abandonment, but that's not exactly how I mean it this morning.

I feel sensitive, as though every ray of light touching my skin is a small caress.
I feel sensitive, as though I can clearly feel every fiber of the shirt I'm wearing.
I feel sensitive, as though were it not cloudy, the sunlight might hurt my eyes.
I feel sensitive, as though every expression of being loved and wanted means a little more than usual.
I feel sensitive, as though every brush of skin against mine could make my heart grip painfully with the intensity of love and gratitude that I feel for all of the people in my life.

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  1. beautiful.

    sensitivity is good. the senses are how we absorb all good sights, sounds, touches, warmth, etc. dangerous sometimes, because they are how we absorb the bad too. and when things are going poorly, we can shut down, go numb, de-sensitize. it makes us feel safe but cuts down on our ability to experience the good senses.

    its rainy and wet here, I've got a candle lit that smells like oatmeal, and the parts of a "cookies and cream" milkshake I shared with a very special young man lay in my tummy on top of some overly-salted, dipped in mayonnaise waffle fries.

    I'm enjoying those senses so much.

    you are very special woman.


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