22 November 2008


to a conversation with the Hesitant Adventurer, regarding emotions and control, from Laurell K. Hamilton:

"That calm not of gentle meditation and the modern ideal of peace of mind, but of the older ideal, when control was carved from pain and hardship, and painted in scars across your flesh." -Danse Macabre (Laurell K. Hamilton, p. 339)


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  2. How descriptive...

    When we note that calm, or for that matter peace, can manifest as "the presence of conflict management and containment" rather than only in idyllic form of "the absence of conflict," it gives a lot more room to think what has been accomplished, what's going on, what can be sought or achieved, and how.

    It's also sort of violent, and beautiful.

    *adds a new book to find at library* Thank you.

  3. @ HA: I dont recommend the book, unless you've read the rest of the Anita Blakes. LKH is a great uthor for voracious readers who like to just read without thinking, but while she makes some very insightful statements sometimes, most of the books are fluff :)


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