01 January 2009

New Years

I hope your New Year's was good, assuming you celebrate it. 
I don't usually. In fact, ever since Y2K, my tradition has been to sleep through it. (Funny story that, I first did that in the Bahamas. Seriously. Yes, I'm weird.)

But this year, Terry and Lucivar joined us, and we had a massive stock pot of Jack's favorite soup, exchanged various amusing- and poignant- stories, then nibbled chocolate fondue (once I *finally* got it properly melted, that is!)
After watching the Peach Drop on TV, sipping asti (both firsts for me, would you believe it?), we all piled into the guest bed to watch the best movie ever, Kinky Boots.

After another hour or two of more laughing and talking, we finally drifted to bed a little after 3am.

I don't make New Years Resolutions. 
I think it's kind of dumb, actually. If you can't resolve to do something, and do it, on a "normal" day, then what makes you think that you'll follow through on something like a holiday?

But I think. (Yes, I know, shocking, huh?)
I think about the previous year, and I think about the year to come. 
Less on the year to come, honestly, since if there's anything my life has taught me, it's not to assume that I have damn clue what will happen.

But 2008 was a hell of a year. 
  • I started it broke, and finished it broke, with a nice summer of cash in between.
  • Jack and I broke up (for all of 3 hours, but it was still a pretty serious shock to the system), and got back together, and in the process learned how strong we really are.
  • I finally made some decisions about my career and graduate school.
  • We moved 6 hours away, and into a home of our own. 
  • Jack and I opened up our relationship, albeit slowly and with much, much arguing (this, in fact, is what precipitated our 3-hour break-up)
  • I rejoined the kink community, learning massive amounts about myself in the process. 
  • I met Kat and had the joy of exploring my first D/s dynamic as a Domme. 
  • I met Jup and Skyye and Terry and Lucivar and learned more about myself as a sadist. 
  • I finally got involved with horses again, and hopefully will continue in that.
I can hope and pray that 2009 is less eventful, but otherwise at least as wonderful.
Although that's going to be seriously hard to top :)

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  1. Purrr... Being graced with meeting you and being a small part of your life was my highpoint for 2008. I wish you and Jack only the best for the coming year.


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