14 January 2009


You are bending over the tea table, cleaning the remnants of my afternoon tea scattered across the inlaid wood. Your pretty dress, in a jewel-tone purple which complements your coloring, is riding up your hips as you bend over in front of me, showing your matching little thong.
I am just smiling, lazily, enjoying the view, fully aware of how intentional that is on your part. You're such a little slut, and I love it.
I'm sprawled in my favorite chair, legs wide and arms spread over the back of it's soft upholstery, jeans stretched tight across my cock, tshirt riding up a little over my stomach as I watch you bending over; your lovely, feminine legs stretched even longer in matching heels and that hungry little ass of yours eagerly outlined.

"Come here, cunt." My voice is curt, but you know me well enough to hear the thread of pleasure in it. Even as you're turning I'm sitting up, leaning forward and grabbing your hair- long and chestnut brown for today- and forcing you to your knees between my widespread thighs. My free hand deftly unbuttons my fly, drawing my cock from my jeans, the alabaster length of it catching the sunlight as you lick your lips eagerly. Slut.
"Show me how my little whore pleases her Master," I tell you, yanking your head sharply down to my cock and leaning back in the chair again.
You respond as eagerly as always, hungry as always, lips pink around me and I groan in pleasure at the sight, dragging your head down until you choke. I love the little tears that form int he corner of your eyes, smearing your careful makeup as I hold you there, love the tension in your body as you try not to fight me for the air your body craves nearly as much as it craves my cock.

No, I can't feel your lips, your tongue, on my cock- can't feel the heat of your mouth through the silicone phallus, but this feeling of my hand in your hair and the tears and need in your eyes- this I can feel, and this is all I need.
I want to keep fucking your mouth, and I do, dragging your head up and down on my cock, holding you there until you whimper with the need for air before letting you up, only to do it again. I realize at some point that I'm standing, that I've angled my beautiful opalescent cock down, pressing it so deep into your throat that your breath is hot and desperate on my groin and that realization makes me groan deep in my throat in contentment and arousal.

Abruptly, I have to fuck you. Have to press myself deep into that pretty little ass of yours, watch you moan and press back into me, and I yank you off of my cock, loving the little sound of disappointment youmake even as you suck in air as greedily as you suck my cock.
Your respite isn't long, though- is it ever?- because I am dragging you up by your throat, shoving you down over the table and whispering in your ear, my voice low and evil, "I hope you sucked my cock good, little whore, because your mouth is the only lube it's getting." You are moaning again, pressing back into me, and I know that right now you don't care. Right now, I could slice you open and bleed you out, and you wouldn't care as long as my cock was deep in your ass and fucking you.
Beautiful, hungry little whore.

Then I'm pressing into you, and I don't care anymore either, all I want is to be sheathed in you as deeply as possible. I come to myself long enough to grab your hair again, yanking your head back and warning you, "break anything on this table and you'll have needles in your cock every day for a week," before I'm fucking you, thrusting into you and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world shoving home inside of you.
You're making those sexy, needy little sounds again, pressing back into me, and my hands are on your throat as I bent over you, pressed into you and fucking you hard. "Look at my pretty little whore opening her ass for her Master." Thrusting in time with every word, my fingers tightening on your throat and your hips are shoving back into me with every thrust, hungry little slut. "C'mon, whore, fuck your Master's cock," I hiss in your ear and your breath is gurgling a little as you roll your hips desperately, desperate for my cock as deeply inside of you as I can shove it, as you can take it.
The base of my cock is pressing my clit with every thrust, and I'm moaning now, releasing your throat only to grab your hips, my fingers curling into that little curve of your pelvic brim and yanking you back onto me hard, enjoying the slight pain sound it forces from your bruised throat.

You're so beautiful like this, sprawled over the tea table, thong yanked out of the way and your dress rucked up around your hips with my cock disappearing into your eager little ass. I'm angling my hips a little now, dragging my cockhead over that spot in you, feeling you shiver a little as it hits, my fingers bruising tight on your hips as I pound that spot over and over until you're screaming a little beneath me, shaking and tightening around me and I laugh with pleasure and release.
Slowing a little, not quite ready to relinquish your beautiful little ass, my strokes more liesurely now as my mind turns to my own orgasm and the beauty of your body laid out for my pleasure. Almost reluctantly I draw myself from you, to a last whimper as my hands are tangling in your hair again and dragging you back to your knees.
"Get rid of this, bitch," I tell you, gesturing impatiently to my cock, watching you fumble at the harness, dragging it and my jeans off together and knowing that you can smell my arousal. I lay back in my chair again as you set my cock aside for cleaning, kneeling again between my spread legs and licking your lips.

I'm laughing a little now, low and throaty. Making you wait, making us both wait while you can smell my arousal thick in the air. Finally, just as you're about to start whimpering again and my own body is screaming at me that it's time and past, I grab your hair again and pull you to my waiting cunt.
My clit is engorged, a small cock all on its own, and your mouth is as hungry as your ass as you fasten onto it. You're still learning what I like, but it only takes one impatient smack to your head to remind you to be gentle here, but then your tongue is against my clit and your fingers in my cunt and I'm thrusting my hips again, eager myself now as the heat is building up in my stomach my groin. It's arrowing to my clit where your lips and your tongue are working while your fingers stroke that spot inside me and suddenly I'm moaning and writhing. My fingers tangled in your hair and holding you there, thighs tight around your face and the pleasure is rolling over me in waves until my fingers and toes tingle and it doesn't let up for what feels like hours until I'm limp with exhaustion and pleasure. Your mouth gentle and indirect, keeping me spasming occasionally as I come down again and I'm dragging you up into the chair with me, my arms around you and my lips finding yours.

"Thank you, puppy," I whisper sleepily.


  1. Oh my, what a good little slut he was for you. Oh how I'd like to be a fly on the wall.

  2. @Bunny: Thanks! I cannot WAIT to get my new cock in...

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