16 January 2009

2009 Conventions

So, I'm registered for Frolicon 2009 in April, and have arranged to do some Dungeon Monitoring.
My hotel is reserved- 2 rooms, since my AAA rate is cheaper than the convention rate- and roommate arrangements have been made (yay Terry and Lucivar!).

I've also put in Jack's and my volunteer cheat sheets for SouthEast LeatherFest in June, and reserved (1) room for that. Roommate arrangements pending, but probably Terry and Lucivar again?

I've also already been told I'm on staff for Dragon*Con on Labor Day weekend again, but will need to make hotel arrangements for that- ASAP. D*C rooms sell out really, really fast. (In fact, the two main hotels are already sold out!)

After that will be DomCon in October, which I've not yet made arrangements for. I think these four will probably be my only conventions this year. More than that is just unwieldy and expensive. 

I'm excited- I love conventions, and I also love planning so this works exceedingly well for me. I am such a geek- I honestly find it fun to make arrangements and plan things out like this. It's an interesting challenge to figure out just the right way to make complicated arrangements simple and convenient for everyone involved, and I excel at it. 
Not, of course, that I would ever toot my own horn. ;-)

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