26 January 2009


in my mind
wicked thoughts
like trembling fingers race
through the laces of the preconcieved
unbinding my own bodice a trick mastered
now a Master, free to usurp the throne

propriety stands unmanned
by bearer of gentile face
and remanned anew
with wearer of the silken grace
I brandish this sterile sword
I consecrate the wanton
devilish fiends who long
to make forgotten

the laws and tradition,
fold to dark submission

I unleash
with every
the Might,
Never Meant to be
No ecstacy,
no fantasy
could I fulfill,
until these thoughts
become visible


Hummingbird is a good friend, whom I originally met on a sexuality education board almost 10 years ago. She ended up in my city by unrelated means, and we finally met in-person and struck up a friendship that's lasted through a very tumultuous few years. 
She is now really exploring her Domme side, and this was inspired by a discussion we had about gender, strap-on play, and the forbidden.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

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