28 May 2013

Real Life Stuff

That was taken last Saturday. The silver car is my Norah. She is totalled. It's been a hell of a week. Rush and I spent all of last weekend car-shopping with limited results. I miss my girl a lot, but am deeply grateful for her service, and her protection of my family.
We are all okay- Rush's elbow seems to have been re-injured a bit, Bonkers is a little clingier than usual (but we mostly managed to convince him that it was all a very exciting game), and I am banged up bot all right. It was entirely the other driver's fault (she turned in front of us to get into the parking lot the pictures was taken from), so we aren't being penalized for it or anything.

Anyway... that's where the real life junk is right now.

Beyond that...

We separated from Akasha a couple of months ago, and things betwen Rush and I improved significantly almost immediately. I am semi-dating a couple of people, but have a distinct tendency to fall for people who are unsuitable in some way.
I'm leaning far more heavily toward submissive than dominant these days, and consequently have been looking along those lines... even harder than looking for a submissive, which I never would have believed, but given that I don't want a submissive D/s relationship so much as I want someone I can play with in a submissive headspace... well, therein lies the dilemna.

Work is still pretty wonderful- I love working in an office full of people almost as weird as me, in various ways.
Bonkers is growing like a damned weed, and climbing absolutely everything he can get within 10' of. If I know you personally, drop me a line and I'll send you some pictures.

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