16 May 2013

Easy steps through the trees.
Glimpses of you like teasing flashes of a woman's bare skin.
You're well ahead of me, but it doens't matter.
The trail you leave is easily followed- an invitation to a predator.
I know this game, this 'go away closer', know the temptation and the tease of it.

I know what you're trying to do as our beasts stalk one another in the wild while the human sides keep a reluctant rein in the wider world.
I know your beast better than you do, know my own as you cannot yet.

So I'll play this game of 'stalk and pounce' and let you think you'll win. Let you think the man will keep rein on the beast.

But the predator is stalking you, darling, through thre wilds of our minds.

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