13 May 2013


Hurting. Aching. Raw fear mixing with fury I don't know how to ease, how to sublimate, how to turn into something constructive. The predator paces the cage in my mind, bars slammed shut before she does something the human will regret later. She wants out, wants to escape this anger and confusion. She wants to run to someplace safe and clean, where the stifling blanket of frustration isn't choking us, where the tension isn't thick enough to cut with only the sharpest of word-knives.
We want to escape. We want quiet, peace, the sense of being loved without anger beneath every word. We want the earth beneath bare feet and the warmth of loving arms around us. We want comfort and a safe place to scream out the pain. We want for it to be okay to be hurting, without anger or questioning why. We want to be allowed to miss the freedom of the skies without accusation of resenting the earth.
I want to escape, to run until the anger doesn't chase me away from you and your tension doesn't cut me like a knife.

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