23 May 2013


Scent of you on my skin, catching me off-guard with a smile and knot of arousal as I attempt to fall asleep.

Weight of you against me, sweat on your face and the flickering amusing thought to lick it away.

Hot breath against the curve of my back and buttocks, paired with the pressure of your hands on my skin.

Fullness of you inside me, hand tightening in my hair until I reflexively arch and moan against you.

Brush of fingertips down my spine, teasing hints at what's to come until I shiver against your hands.

Taste of myself on your cock and soreness between my legs.

Pressure in my hair, on my head, forcing me down onto you until I choke and moan and grow wet again.

Sensation of your mouth on me, so close to too much and so deliciously right. Depth of your fingers in me, stroking me to the screaming point.

Burn of my thighs as I ride you, contentment on your face as I move over you, taste of your skin on my lips.

Squeeze of your hand on my throat and burn of your teeth in my breast as I writhe and cum against you.

Today, brief hints of your scent on my skin and residual desire building again for the taste of you.

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