13 May 2013

Half-awake dreaming

Eyes heavy-lidded with arousal. Fingers trembling with lust, and something more. An animal, primal *need* to touch, hold, share, give. The stroke of fingertips across a bare hip. The barest caress of lips against a throat. The gentlest brush of teeth prompting a soft sigh. The heat of a body pressed against mine. Weight and scent and glorious vulnerability of arms around me. The intoxicating scent of you, shifting into the sweeter, sharper, muskier notes of arousal. The almost unconscious shift of my hips as much demand as invitation. The slow curling of arousal in my belly, and the shift of you against me. Hardness pressed into my skin, enough to draw a primitive moan from my suddenly tight throat. Need. Desire. And something more. A chemical cocktail with a terrifying resemblence to nitroglycerine.

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