20 February 2009

Nothing erotic in a while

I know, I know. You don't read me for updates on my scintillating daily life. 

But sometimes it gets busy enough to ensure that there's not much else to read on here. So deal with it :-p

Lately I've had a lot going on in my non-kink life, and not much at all going on in my kink life... hence the quietness. 
Jack is sick right now, and we've just gotten back from Alabama with my new car. I sold my little del Sol last night, and I'm currently working for a friend (a very sweet rope Top, with an artistic bondage website) doing personal assistant stuff, as he's disabled and has limited mobility. 
I'm struggling not to get sick myself, but with a busy weekend ahead (dinner dates tonight with Kat and his new partner, AND with the Cunning Linguist and his girl, then Saturday lunch with the lovely Laramie, a Frolicon staff meeting, and Whippersnappers. Sunday will be an exotic bird show, and I think we have dinner plans again but I can't remember with whom. If you're who I have plans with, remind me, please?), that's rather unlikely. 

Meanwhile, I haven't seen Lucivar or Chris's Cat in a while, and Jack and I have been too busy imitating headless chickens to even consider playing. 

Hopefully, though, I'll be able to play soon. Lucivar and I have tentative plans for Tuesday night while Jack is at a hockey game, Saturday will be (hopefully) playing at Whippersnappers, and next weekend are (very) tentative plans to spend the weekend with Lucivar, as well as another play party. 

Be patient, my lovelies! I'll be back into form soon!

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