02 February 2009

25 Random Things about Me

Moved over from Facebook, because I thought it's mildly interesting. 

1.) I've been dyeing my hair red since August '08. I love it. I always thought that long, blond hair was kind of false advertising on me, and short, spiky red hair is far more accurate despite its being 'fake'.

2.) Horses are my single biggest passion, but since I usually don't have access to them, I tend to shut down and not let myself think of them much. I know that's not healthy, but it's a working coping mechanism. 

3.) I have a trust fund, which isn't *nearly* as cool as it sounds. 

4.) Nearly all of my furniture is 3+ generation old antiques. I inherited all of them.

5.) My boyfriend and I are polyamorous. He has another girl he's dating, and I am dating another guy. This actually doesn't diminish our devotion to one another in the least.

6.) Jack is the person I want to spend my life with.

7.) I have a set routine in the shower, and if I have to deviate from it for some reason, it throws off my whole day. 

8.) I sometimes think that I was actually born a boy. 

9.) I love tea. I have over 40 teacups- not in sets, but individual teacups and saucers- and about 6 teapots now, plus over 2 dozen different loose teas. 

10.) I used to collect swords, but I gave them to my little brother when I went into the Navy. 

11.) I feel like I failed in my duty to society by having to medically separate from the military. To try and help with that, I volunteer with the Red Cross. 

12.) I love the fact that my friends confide in me, even when the secrets are hard to bear. It makes me feel trusted, and needed.

13.) My other overwhelming passion is human sexuality. Not sex, specifically, but sexuality and all its myriad forms and functions. I'm seriously considering becoming a sex therapist, in fact. 

14.) I spent nearly a year unable to have sex- while dating Jack. I still don't know why he stayed with me through it. 

15.) My birthday is 9/9, and my numerology chart is full of 4's and 9's. In numerology, that means that I'm a passionate, but pragmatic humanitarian who will walk through fire for my loved ones.

16.) I'm a complete bibliophile. If I go too long without reading a book, I literally have withdrawal-symptoms. I get headachey, moody, body aches, and constantly cold. 

17.) The constant cold isn't too different from normal, though. My hands and feet are perpetually cold. Seriously. It can be 80F outside, and my hands and feet will be cold. 

18.) I've been pagan for more than 10 years. My family thought it was a 'phase', but it's been a long damned phase. 

19.) My favorite music is 'whiny chick rock', ie girl-with-a-guitar folky pop rock.

20.) My dog runs my life, especially since we don't have a yard and dog door anymore. I'm still getting used to the idea that I can't just be gone for 20+ hours... unless I want to come home to a huge mess. 

21.) I have a female cat named Chewbacca (that one's Jack's fault!)

22.) Despite being in a het relationship, I identify very strongly with the LGBT community. 

23.) I spent Y2K in the Bahamas- and fought tooth and nail against going. That night was the first time I got buzzed, at 15, on drinks my father bought me. 

24.) I've never stopped regretting selling my last horse. 

25.) I have four 6" bookshelves, *loaded* with books, and I've read nearly all of them.

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