11 July 2009


So, I realized recently that I have neither a camera (loaned it to USB) nor any recent pictures of myself. Since I'm months behind in HNTs, and the Marines that I write to in Afghanistan and Iraq have been requesting pictures.... any local photographically-inclined followers want to take Some HNTs and some G-rated pics of me?


  1. You know I always want to take pictures of you. I'll give you a call later today (Sunday) once I've figured out my schedule.

  2. To take pictures of you would be a fantastic opportunity. All I can say is: one day, one day :)

  3. Hi, sorry, found your blog through CM. If you're interested in pictures, I have a fairly considerable portfolio of work and would be willing to do it.

    Please message me if you'd like more information.

  4. I'd love to, though I'm not local, and I'd just us it as an excuse to seduce you... oh well! ;)


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