28 July 2009


I am tired tonight, the weight on my shoulders pressing me down and to the floor.
I find myself, inside the safety of my own mind, curled tight in the corner and rocking. It's been a strange day, a strange week, a strange year, and I am paying the toll tonight, paying for a ten-year-old love I didn't believe in.
His words echo in my ears, "When you left, I just gave up."
My mind screams that it wasn't my responsibility to be his motivation, it wasn't my job to be his impetus to grow up... but my raw and vulnerable heart, scraped bloody by too many responsibilities, accepts this one, too, as my due.
As what I deserve.
And I'm left curled in the corner, hiding from the angry words in my own head, which have taken on his voice and the pain in it.

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