29 December 2008


I shaved Jack today. 
Running my razor over the beautiful, delicate skin of his cock and balls. Watching the droplets pour down over his skin.
He's beautiful, in the running water. He doesn't believe it, but it's true. 

It started as a joke.
So much with us does. 
He was shaving his balls, something he started about a year ago, when I complained about getting hairs in my teeth. I watched (we always shower together) with my usual fascination. The soft scrape of the razor over that most sensitive of skin... most men will tell you that the skin of their balls is almost more sensitive than that of their cocks. Certainly more so than the shaft.

I've never dated another man willing to let me near his balls with something that sharp. 

But Jack will. 

He knows I prize those beautiful, dangling little toys far too much to ever harm them.

I teased him that the rest of his pubic hair was getting long enough to braid, and he started to do his usual careless trimming of it, running the razor lightly down the skin. 
I laughed, pointing out that that didn't work very well, leaving some hairs very long, and other patches nearly bare. It's, um, not his best look. 

You can always do it like I do, I pointed out, mischevious smile firmly in place. 

He raised an eyebrow at my nearly-grown-back-in mound. 

Here, I'll show you, I told him. I took the razor and dragged it down, over the fleshy mound that protects his cock and balls, stopping every swipe or so to rinse the razor. 
And slowly, so slowly, his beautiful skin was revealed. Slowly, with every swipe, I could see a little more of him. 

I knelt down, the razor in my hand, to better see what I was doing, water running down both of our skin.
I opened his thighs wide, exposing that vulnerable crease between thighs and groin, swiping the deadly sharp blade over it. Bare inches from his femoral artery.
Scraped it gently over his beautiful, beautiful cock, half-hard from my hands simply moving him around. 
Ran it over his balls, removing every last hair I could find. 
Kissed his cock gently, then accept his hand up, back to my feet. 

Then I used his thigh as a footstool to shave my own legs. 

My life rocks sometimes. 


  1. Bella - I just love your description of how you took control, and "removing every last hair I could find". It must have been highly erotic for Mike to have you do this to him, and then to top it have you shave your legs using him as a foot stool, a very strong image of female domination and control.

  2. @AaT: I think you meant 'Jack' :)
    It was indeed incredibly erotic for both of us, although interspersed with much teasing, joking, and laughing. We're generally both dominant, so moments like that aren't something we often share... when we do, they're treasured.


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