10 December 2008

Checking in

No, I haven't felt like writing much lately.

Yes, I will eventually.

No, it probably won't be all that soon.

We might have found a house. We think we found a house. I'm going to call this afternoon and try to get the paperwork started.
Which means that this weekend will be The Big Move.

Oh, and Friday, grades come out.

So yeah. See Bella stressed.

There will be more sexy stuff eventually, just be patient.

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  1. I suspect that most readers are as interested in knowing about how you're doing and what's going on in your life as in your very deliciously recalled sexual life and thoughts.

    Of course I can only speak for me with certainty.

    No, this isn't an urging to write more. Do it when you want to, when you have time, when it's "for you."

    But you should know that the context of the person writing, the authenticity (even if part of the authenticity is noting that you sometimes portray falsely for effect) is what brings people back to your blog again and again (although again I can only speak for myself definitively). The glimpse at the person, your embrace of your sexuality, of your conflict, of your frustrations that these writings disclose is their greatest (and most arousing) value.

    Oh, and your descriptions and use of language are really compelling, whether they are about a sexual tryst, an election day bulldog, or the differences in Aquinian approach vs. Via Moderna.

    Wishing you warm, happy thoughts, and hoping that you are soon settled into an awesome new home in Atlanta celebrating stellar grades... - John


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