03 September 2012

Without words

I don't know the words...

flashes return.

The clamp of her thighs across my face, the scarlet heat of her body
convulsing around my tongue. The salty-sweet taste of her, cumming
over and over and over.

D's mouth on my breast, her lips soft on my most private ones. The
gentle lap of her tongue and the heat in her eyes as she brings me
over the edge.

Her weight across me, the writhing of her hips as D toys with her
pussy and ass. The warm trickle of her juices across my thighs as she
cums for him.

D's heat sliding inside me, the clamp of her hand and the lust in her
eyes as he fucks me. D's groan of ecstasy as I surround him, my own
desperate pants.

The taste of her breast as he fucks her. The slap of their bodies and
the heat of her throat in my hand as he cums inside of her.

The warm, snuggly afterglow of their bodies pressed against mine as we
curl into one another, thankful for this life, this relationship, this

...as my husband so colorfully expressed it last night: "I am one
lucky motherfucker... that's a whole lotta sexy in my bed."

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