02 September 2012

A life of joy

This is my life of joy. I am covered in sand, about to take a shower. The baby has had a bath from his first dirt-eating episode, and my 5 year old stepson is freshly showered himself. I am covered in sand from the playground today, where we taught T to swing himself.
The washing machine is chugging in the background while my shower heats up, and there is a sign on my wall that says, "I love you because...". It is framed and has a blank space beneath where my husband has written, "you're a wonderful wife and my beat friend."
Our girl will be home from work soon, and she will enter our home where I am cooking her dinner and go to her knees in my kitchen to receive her kiss of greeting. This is my life of joy.

We will eat meatloaf, and salad, and talk about our days, and maybe watch a silly tv show. My baby son will fall asleep in her arms and I will tuck her 5yr old into bed, and we will curl up together for grown-up time before I go to work tomorrow while they are off.

And tomorrow D will watch the children so Akasha can unpack and organize her house in peace, and I will text them both from work... missing them but a little grateful to be out of the unpacking. Tomorrow night, a vanilla friend will join us for dinner and we will cuddle, and feed the baby, and eventually take our beautiful girl to bed and fuck her senseless before cuddling in a warm and loving puppy pile.

This is my life of joy.

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